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The Philosophy


We believe in the power of natural ingredients to deliver safe and highly effective results you can see and feel. We understand how important it is to nurture the skin, so we only use the finest raw ingredients the earth has to offer to fuse purity with purpose. We take the very best ingredients from varying parts of the world, most of which have been used since ancient times for their beneficial purposes. Our products are toxin free, so you won’t find any synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrance, parabens, phthalates, or silicones within our formulations. As a luxury organic brand, you’ll discover exceptional beauty products that are enriched with love and care, using organic elements wherever possible to ensure you receive a delicate infusion of indulgence and revitalization.

Each ingredient is ardently researched, every product made by hand in the USA for the highest quality. Purposely designed to share the wonderful elements that are derived naturally from the Earth, our passion for sustaining the beautiful planet we live on is reflected in our commitment to using only recyclable and reusable glass container packaging. At our core, we believe in utilizing the beneficial raw materials that this world has generously given to us to uplift our skin, hair, and soul. We aim to create a positive impact on the world, and in doing so, offer a curated collection of beauty products that heal, nourish and inspire.


The Founder 


Though I was born and raised in a busy city in India, even amongst the bustle, I always felt a deep connection to nature. The credit for this goes to my mother, grandmother, and grandfather. We had a weekly pampering routine, which mainly included a relaxing head massage (called as champi in India) by my mom, with hair oil and a type of face mask created by my grandparents. Each component was made using traditional Indian ingredients, and this is where I inherited my expertise.

However, our pampering routine got lost as I grew up. I left behind my teachings and started using more and more conventional skin- and hair-care products found over the counter to suit my over-booked lifestyle. Later, in my mid-20s, I moved to the U.S. and was happy to have more options.

Soon I began experiencing health issues, which led to problematic skin. To solve this, I increased my use of typical drugstore products, even upgrading to the most expensive varieties. I began researching the ingredients used and was shocked to learn that part of my trouble was caused by them. My skin and hair were in worse condition than ever.

That’s when I thought of connecting to my roots – reconnecting with nature and implementing what I learned in my childhood. This was the start of something beautiful. The result of that research was the birth of Śaiva, another name for Lord Shiva (the Destroyer of Evil), which I believe perfectly suits a destroyer of all (evil) harmful and toxic ingredients.